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ECS Services

Elbel Consulting Services offers a number of internet-related services and has the depth of experience, technical knowledge and marketing savvy to give you excellent results.

ECS Quality Website Design

Elbel Consulting Services has solid experience designing and hosting websites, as well as managing all of the aspects of website design and support. We offer quality design and development and quality customer support. See our portfolio and customer recommendations.

ECS Software Engineering

ECS has experience with business application software development, as well as experience in compiler design, operating system design, and large-scale system performance and capacity analysis.

ECS is proficient in a variety of programming and scripting languages, including PHP, Perl, SQL, TCL, C and others. ECS is well-qualified to provide back-end programming services. In addition, ECS is experienced at ongoing Unix/Apache server management in a complex hosting environment.

Fred Elbel has developed and taught numerous technical courses.

ECS Audio and video editing

ECS has done extensive audio editing and video editing for a number of clients. ECS has the knowledge and experience to edit your audio and video information and place it on your website.

ECS Technical writing

ECS has written a number of technical manuals, including computer language reference manuals, product reference manuals, and has published articles on capacity analysis and disk performance modelling.

ECS has published non-computer related articles in national journals, along with a collection of editorials and op-eds, and has the experience and perspective to produce quality documentation. See this article:

ECS Political and marketing

Fred Elbel has been involved in a number of political and grassroots issues, has lobbied extensively, and has run a state-based initiative.

With a background in Marketing, coupled with experience in political and grassroots issues, Fred Elbel has the perspective and savvy to market your company, non-profit organization, or political campign over the internet. See these articles:

ECS Project management

Fred Elbel has managed numerous projects and staff in both corporate and non-profit environments.

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