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ECS website content management

A content management system (CMS) essentially lets you make changes to your own website whenever you need to. Elbel Consulting Services offers several levels of website content management, covering the requirements of small websites to large publishing organizations with extensive article archives.

ECS content management systems allow you to take control of your website.

Website content management

Content management (CM) encompasses the management of computerized material. A content management system typically includes the following phases:

  • Create content.
  • Update content.
  • Publish content.
  • Content retrieval.
  • Possible translation into various languages or media formats.

More specifically relating to a website, content management refers to the creation and publication of material on the website. It typically involves archival storage of content in a database, and offers a comprehensive search facility to the end user.

A key advantage of most content management systems (CMS) is the ability for the end-user to add, edit and organize their own content. This is typically done with a browser interface that lets the user to edit material without knowledge of HTML, as if they were editing a typical word-processing document on their computer. This is a cost-effective solution that gives the website owner immediate control over their website content.

ECS content management solutions

Elbel Consulting Services (ECS) has built a large number of websites in the past using raw HTML and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), and has implemented a number of content management systems. One system is currently used to manage nearly 2,000 articles for a site. Another, which ECS designed and programmed, is used by clients to manage news articles on their websites.

However, more current technology is available to leverage today's websites.

ECS offers content management solutions built with state-of-the-art platforms, including WordPress and the Drupal content management framework. WordPress is a blogging platform that can also be used to construct a basic website. Drupal is a more advanced platform that offers much more control over the website architecture.

ECS has also developed a real estate listing system that can be incorporated into a real estate website. It allows a realtor® to place their listings on their website, along with full information, descriptions and photos for each listing.

ECS content management systems provide affordable and usable control over your website content, and are highly recommended by our clients. Contact ECS to learn more about our website content management systems.

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