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Why do I need a website?

It is no longer sufficient for a business or non-profit organization simply to have a Yellow Pages listing and to mail printed brochures. A website offers an opportunity to disseminate your message to a wide audience in a very cost effective manner. ECS specializes in developing quality websites with well-organized content.

What does a website do?

A website serves several purposes.

  • It presents your information, your image and your product on the internet. In a very real sense, a website is your "internet business card".
  • It allows people to find you when they search the web for related information.
  • It establishes credibility for your company or organization.

In times before use of the internet became widespread (that's a little over ten years ago!), informational and marketing material were printed or broadcast over radio and TV. The internet now offers another venue. Businesses and organizations can disseminate information over the internet at a fraction of the cost of using traditional channels of communication.

Having a website is probably the most cost-effective way you can advertise. If you have a business, a website will give you a corporate presence on the internet and will increase your credibility. If you have an established service practice (in law, for example), a website will allow people to find you on the internet.

Similarly, if you represent a non-profit or political organization, a website will provide an internet presence where the public can learn about your platform, and agenda. A website is also very important for political candidates, since voters will often look to the internet to find political candidate's position statements.

The phrase "The medium is the message" certainly applies to the internet, which has dramatically changed the marketing playing field in only ten years. Complex and dynamic websites, complete with blogs, animated graphics and video, are now common. The internet has matured from an archival medium to a dynamic vehicle for communication.

It is no longer practicable to ignore the internet when communicating your message. There is a significant "bang for the buck" when developing an internet presence, and equally important, there is often a stigma associated with not having such a presence.

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