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ECS website design questionnaire

The following questionnaire will help you determine what your website should contain, what it should look like, and what features it should include. ECS has found that by taking a few minutes to complete this questionnaire, you will be in a much better position to communicate your requirements to your website designer.

Website design questionnaire

The following questions will help you determine how your website should look, what it should contain, and what features it should include. They will also help you convey this information to your website designer, who will need this information before they can produce a quality website according to your specifications.

  1. Do you want a commercial, non-profit, personal, or special issue website?
  2. What line of business are you in?
  3. What is the purpose of your website?
    • Disseminate information
    • Market your company and products
    • Sell products online
    • Build constituent and supporter base
    • Other __________________________
  4. Is your business primarily internet based?
  5. How long have you been in business?
    well established relatively new startup
  6. Where is your business in the marketplace?
    lagging par with competition leading edge
  7. Who are your customers / clients / constituents?
  8. What message are you trying to deliver to your customers / clients / constituents?
  9. Who is your intended website audience?
  10. How will people learn about your website?
  11. What do you want people to do once they visit your website?
  12. Do you have an overall marketing strategy?
  13. How will you promote your website?
  14. What marketing and website suggestions have you received?
  15. Do you have existing marketing material that can be adapted for use on your website?
  16. What competitor's websites do you like and why?
  17. What competitor's websites do you not like and why?
  18. Do you have an existing website? What are its good and bad features?
  19. What kind of material will you include on your website?
    • Information about us
    • Contact us
    • Marketing information
    • FAQ
    • Product information
    • Store
    • Journals
    • Articles
    • Current information
    • Realty information and home listings
    • Industry-specific information
    • Personal material, writings, and accomplishments
    • Political platform
    • Other
  20. Will your website content be oriented toward:
    archival mixed current information
  21. How often to you plan to update the main pages on your website?
    yearly quarterly monthly weekly daily
  22. Who do you want to update the visible content (or "copy") on your website?
    webmaster both myself
  23. What features do you think will improve your website?
    • Store
    • Content management system
    • Blog
    • Bulletin board
    • Photo gallery
    • Email campaign manager
    • Realty specific
    • Audio
    • Video
  24. How complex will your website be?
    simple average complex highly complex
  25. How many pages will your website contain?
    3-5 10 20 50 100 500+
  26. How many visitors do you intend to draw to your website every week?
    does not matter 10 50 100 500 as many as possible
  27. Will your website reach out to returning or new visitors?
    returning visitors mixed new visitors
  28. How important is it to keep people coming back to your website?
    not important somewhat important very important
  29. Do you want help creating website content (or "copy")?
    no some suggestions some help significant help
  30. What image do you intend to convey?
    solid, established current entrepreneurial, new
  31. What website appearance are you looking for?
    traditional current leading edge
  32. What mood should your website convey?
    mellow friendly energetic emphatic
  33. Do you want your website to look like others in your line of business?
    same somewhat different unique
  34. Do you prefer less expensive, plain design or custom artwork and layout?
    plain somewhat customized custom
  35. What color scheme do you prefer?
    solid, traditional, business more interesting hot, attention-getting
  36. What role should graphics and photos play on your website?
    minor some significant
  37. Who will provide the materials and content?
  38. Who will be responsible for reviewing and approving the website?
  39. How will you measure your website's success?
  40. What other guidelines do you have regarding your website?

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